Home Theatre Recliners

Now Enjoy the Best Movie Watching Experience at Your Home with Our Stylish & Contemporary Recliners. You can Adjust your Position with a Handheld Remote/ Switch for the stunning screen view.

Offering optimal ergonomic support and comfort, this model offers you contentment in every viewing angle with extraordinary lumbar support.A Single Seater Recliners or any Customised Recliner Layout can be selected. 

Living Room Recliner Sofa Sets

Whether It is Rocking, Revolving or Standalone Recliners, they all blend in with your Interiors & give an aesthetic Look to your Living Room. Ergonomically designed Seating & Arm Rest Recharges your Spirits & Rejuvenates your Soul. 

Customise Every Inch of Your Recliner Sofa from a wide range of Fabrics, Leather, Art Leather & Many More Add-ons.

Sectional Sofa Sets

Our Sectional Sofas are completely Customisable to best Fit in the Space you have. Our Sofas with Tiltable Arm Rest, Head Rest provides Comfort at each Angle & provides Ultimate Style & Luxury. You can also Add a Recliner at one end of the Sofa for Unique Design & Convenience. 

Based on Our Vast Experience We also Provide you with the best Choice of Colour, Fabric, Art Leather for your Interiors. 

Sofa Loungers

Redefine your Style Statement with our Sofa Loungers. Enjoy the Comfort of Sofa & Lounger together with our Exotic Collection. Flaunt your living room with the Luxury Sofa Loungers. Customise from a wide range of Colours, Fabric, Leather  & Many Add ons. 

We Design your Sofa Loungers to fit in dimensions provided by you & Make sure it blends in your Interiors. 

Window Blinds

We at SRIVAY have worked towards offering you our curated collection of super classy and highly functional window blinds, specific to the needs of each room. These window dressings will transform any space.

We also provide blinds with additional features for extra comfort and safety. Specialized blinds for adorning homes and offices for specific purposes are easily available in our huge range of blinds. 

Laminate Wooden Flooring

Premium Laminate Flooring

Our Premium laminate flooring adds a classic aesthetic and functionality to the space with it’s suave and silky smooth surface. Choose from its stunning styles and classic shades to add that modern looking charm to your space. It can be cleaned by merely wiping with a damp cloth, and comes with a warranty of 15 years.