Surprise Your Mom with a Luxury Recliner This Mothers Day!

Mother’s Day Around & We all Love our Moms. DON’T WE? Yes it’s time to show how much we love & Care for her.
A relaxing gift mom can enjoy for years to come. Choose from Recliners in every shape, size and style with comfort features she’ll instantly fall in love. Glide or recline at the touch of a button.

Swivel or Rotate in a Manual Recliner with ease & Just take a power nap. Whether She is Watching TV, taking a power nap, spending time with the family or relaxing after a tiresome work, the moment she sits on a Motorised/Automatic Recliner & Glides She can just go into a new world of comfort!

Our New Mom’s Collection is the best in world class with Super Soft Foam & Sleeker Designs to fit in anywhere in your Home. They are best fit for Babies as they can fall asleep instantly with the Swivel Movements. Ultimate Lumbar Support along with Neck Support Soothes your senses and uplift your spirits. There is no other way to spend a Quality time with yourself than sitting on a Recliner Chair & Indulge in the Lap of Luxury. You don’t have to hurry to a Spa or a Massage now, Just Relax & Rejuvenate in an Automatic Recliner to Glide with the touch of a button, that is the best way to pamper Oneself.

We Offer a wide variety of Upholstery options & Colour Choices.
Our Recliners are also best pick for Mom’s to be & New Moms. Rocker Recliners are Designed for late night feedings & cuddle your little one to fall asleep.

Give Your Mum the Pampering she Truly Deserves.

As a Manufacturers of Recliners & Sofas, We Excel in Designing Sofa Sets & Loungers for Your Whole Family!

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