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Home furniture or home decors express a lot about your personality and lifestyle. They show your preferences and taste as they are the most used elements of your life. We have different types of models, designs, and types of furniture. But which model describes your taste? What to be chosen? How do you choose? Where do you buy it?

Our products at SRIVAY, which is the best furniture store in Hyderabad and Bangalore are known for their range of varieties in all types of furniture pieces we have. Our customers experience the contentment of viewing our vast varieties of sofas, recliners, dining tables, chairs, coffee tables, and study tables. We ensure that every product we manufacture is filled with quality and genuine efforts we put in which our results show.


STEP 1: Choosing the product from our online store.

STEP 2: Down payment or advance payment for the product you have chosen.

STEP 3: Live interaction between us and our customers.

STEP 4: Tailored completely according to your specifications.

STEP 5: Product delivery, HAPPY USER EXPERIENCE!



We believe in providing the most comfortable furniture at reasonable prices and without compromise on the quality of our products. We provide space-saving as well as family furniture designs that enhance the look of any room in your house. Our products are genuine, handcrafted, made with high-quality raw materials with trustworthy quality and performance Our online furniture store provides an array of products with great quality at reasonable prices. Whatever style or product you choose, our store aims at providing you with the ultimate products that fit your taste and preferences. Turning an empty space into a home is done with good furniture that provides your home with beauty and elegance. We, at SRIVAY Recliners, believe in making your home experience filled with comfort and peace. Our wide range of furniture has made us the best online furniture store in Hyderabad and Bangalore. We believe in providing our customers with premium quality and trustworthy products. We help you in decorating your dream home with luxury interiors and decor. Our products make your place go wow! And leave the viewers wondering how. We aim at providing a well-furnished interior that adds grace to your living. Buy furniture online from our online stores and create wonderful interiors. Whether you are on your new journey with a new house or you want to add spice to your current home, visit our store and we have it all covered to fulfill your needs as per your preferences. From bedroom furniture to the dining hall or your lounge, we have got you covered with our wide range of premium quality products. Get your dream furniture customized by our stores that are operating online via Hyderabad and Bangalore. Our furniture can be classified into the following range: Living room: Our diverse range of sofa sets and recliners add a touch of beauty and comfort to your house. Dining room: we provide a variety of dining table sets to accommodate your family and make mealtimes fun and beautiful. Bedroom: Your sleep is made sound and peaceful with our sturdy yet comfortable wooden beds and a range of various designed beds to choose from.


  • Quality and worth in our products are the two pillars of our establishment and we are proud to say that we still serve our customers with that perspective and will always sustain likewise.
  • Our products are highly customizable including size, shape, designs, models, and colors according to your taste and requirement which make our customers the happiest and fulfill their desire. 
  • We ensure in blending these furniture pieces into the most creative yet most utilizable products that amaze our customers.
  • We believe that success can be achieved through customer satisfaction and happiness after experiencing the usage of our modern furniture and we strive to reach that goal no matter what the limit of effort is.
  • We are capable of understanding customers’ desires and have experts who can help in choosing the best of the best products we have, ensuring in fulfillment of your furniture styling desires yet serving the purpose.
  • Our products are durable, lasting for ages, representing the importance we give to the quality of our furniture products.
  • We are famous for our unique and handcrafted furniture which can be fused to any corner of your space making it much more beautiful.
  • The materials, fabrics, fillings, wood, and every element used in our furniture are the most modernized products that are ensured of quality.