Bringing distinct style to your home, this exotic lounger relaxes you with its soft, resilient cushioning and makes you relish the rich comfort.

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Feel the Comfort

A perfect blend of style, sophistication and comfort with rhythmic curves and clever contours imitating movie theatre experience

Delivering comfort from head to toe

The moments of ecstasy comes calling at the comfort of your home with stretched sofa loungers.

Perfect & Luxury Recliners

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Welcome To Srivay

We are the Leading Manufacturers of Luxury Recliners & Sofas. We are dedicated to developing World Class recliners for your Home Theatre, Living Room, Club Houses, Hospitals, Cinemas. We Customise Fab Recliners & Sofas as per your Taste & Liking!


Do you want unique collection at your home? Then you are at the right place. You will be spoilt for choice with our wide range of accessories & customization options like Leather, Fabric, Suede leather, colors, Design & size. Finding what is best for your body, however, can be a challenge, given the way home furnishings are made and marketed today. We @ SRIVAY Recliners have come up with a solution for you to choose and arrange your furniture as per your needs.


Unlimited Customisation


Quality assurance.


Innovative wooden frames.


Direct Factory to home.


Ergonomic Designs.

Wide Range Of Luxurious Furnitures

Quality craftsmanship combining the best of world-class components from the most reputed brands after careful selection with quality being the essential benchmark.

Why Choose Srivay

We @ SRIVAY Recliners are committed to delivering you best quality Recliners & Sofas.

Focussed on giving Extreme Comfort & Luxury Lifestyle. We have always been inspired by the amazing benefits of Power Nap. A fresh & More Rejuvenating Nap alleviate the stress & boosts the productivity to many folds.


Get Your Desired Furniture Today

Designed to mesmerize, its sharp looks make it the centre of attraction. It’s time you fell in love with absolute perfection.You Design & We @ SRIVAY Recliners Create

Plan a visit to experience comfort and luxury. 

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